The American Way of Giving...

within one’s means is just as essential as water. The Giving Water is out to Hydrate America and we can rapidly deliver drinkable water to those affected by disasters and those in need is as essential to keep a crisis from turning into a tragedy. While bringing attention to the chronic dehydration crisis of every 3 out of 4 Americans.

Our Team

Dawn Weir

Founder of The Giving Water

Dawn Weir is a wonderfully accomplished woman that has been a wife and is an amazing mother. Dawn started with an Interior design degree, then went into landscape architecture then moved down the road to civil and traffic engineering. She has had two very popular radio shows and podcasts. Dawn has always been a community activist supporting many causes as well as creating many as well. Such as community gardens, designed public buildings, and other projects including creating and holding a project called Community Sweep & Meet, that was supported by the city of Las Vegas, in many magazines and newspaper arterials as well as on local news for her community accomplishments, and humanitarian efforts. Now she has taken the culmination of all her skills and years of experience and created a new concept in giving within your budget so you can receive more.
She feels truly blessed to have all her dreams come true and able to make others’ dreams come true. Bringing “Conscious Commerce” to the front of everyone’s consciousness is her cherry on top. This is a brilliant and unique new way to marry philanthropy and commerce, creating “Conscious Commerce”. Good business practices today cannot be limited to terms like suppliers and customers. Good corporate citizenship will have us all thinking in terms of partners and allies. Sure, everyone has their agenda: suppliers, distributors, retailers, and consumers alike. We at The Giving Water know that it is more important that everyone has a shared agenda, creating a win, win, WIN.

Richard Wall


Dr. Wall was born on a military base in Kansas and spent most of his childhood moving from base to base. After high school, he joined the US Army and was trained as a combat medic and radiologic technologist. He is currently the senior cardiac cath lab technologist at Spring Valley hospital as well as an adjunct faculty instructor for the Northwestern State University of Louisiana. He currently holds a BS in medical imaging as well as an MS in radiologic science education. He will receive his doctorate in Health Sciences in May 2020. Mr. Wall has been published several times in prestigious medical journals
Mr. Wall is delighted to have the opportunity to give back to the whole heart of the community through the amazing work of The Giving Water.

Tina Tasaka


Tina Tasaka is a hospitality / Gaming industry pioneer and technology Sales Executive with 30+ years of sales and marketing expertise. Her impressive resume with Enterprise software solutions allowed for successful sales to the Gaming & hospitality marketplace, and most recently, the burgeoning Cannabis market. Tina has a solid foundation of a company’s EcoSystem / Technology Footprint and can assist with making decisions for new technology and how it will help the business and have ROI. Tina has been with a few technology start-ups, or expanding companies – – from Spa/Retail software to an ERP based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the Global Cannabis market. Tina has been with some of the industry leaders in their market segment: Agilysys, Shift4, Information Builders, and 365Cannabis. This is not the first time Tina has been invited to be a part of a non-profit Board of Directors; Tina has served on several boards including G Alex Foundation: a nonprofit for enriching lives through Tennis and Wellness programs. HFTP: Hospitality Finance Technology Professionals: served as President for Las Vegas Chapter – 7 years.
Tina is thrilled to join the Board of and expressed that “safe water available and ready for disasters and those in need. Water is essential and saves lives around the Planet. Your business can help change lives during a sporting event, an Act of God, a natural disaster, and other global needs”.