We know that water is one of life’s necessities. Imagine chaos in the blink of an eye and your family suffering from dehydration. This is a situation your fellow Americans find themselves in every year as a result of natural disasters.

A lack of drinkable water is a major concern for those caught in the increasing number of natural disasters and dehydration doesn’t discriminate! When an area is badly damaged during a disaster and clean water becomes scarce, everyone suffers – emotionally and physically. Some even lose their lives. This does not need to be the case.

Earn your greatness by giving today and building a new American dream where giving is in every ones budget.

Dawn Weir

The Giving Water also striving to support other charities and nonprofits by also providing their bottled water needs and adding to the resources within the community.

To support these efforts, we private brand our bottled water label with your message throughout the Las Vegas valley and beyond. Donations and sales of branded water directly fund the bottling, storage, and distribution of clean water to those who are an immediate need.

About Us

Since December 21, 2017 we have informed the community about our mission, purpose and the impact we will have within the community at large. The importance and need of drinkable water to be delivered to a disaster and those in need quickly and efficiently. We have gathers local support and momentum creating a wave of opportunity in the community by informing sponsors on how we are giving back on their behalf.

We are proud to be spotlighting hydration with our Chug Challenge for Charity bringing attention to the epidemic crisis of dehydration affects over 75% of all Americans. We have set up distribution centers throughout the Las Vegas valley and beyond and look forward to meeting our distribution goals in 2020 to give away over 250,000 bottles of water.

Our Mission

The Giving Water is an organization designed to quickly deliver drinkable water to those affected by disasters in the USA and those in need while allowing people to give within their budgets. While educating and bring attention to hydration.

Our Passion

Allowing people to give within their budgets while creating a wave of opportunity in the community by giving back on your behalf while highlighting hydration and bring attention to the epidemic crisis of dehydration.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We strive to build a world where people hydrate, unite and take action to create lasting change. We value diversity and celebrate the contributions of all people that drink water.
A top priority is providing hydration and during this we reflect the communities we hydrate.

We’re creating an organization that is more open and inclusive, with hydration to all, building goodwill, and educating the benefits of hydration to our communities. We want everyone that drinks water to be hydrated and happy. We know these actions will create a lasting change in the people and the communities.

Through The Giving Water, you’ll find unique opportunities to get involved. Everyone gets hydrated and is allowed to give within their budget at the same time.

We love our volunteers!

Join our giving community of volunteers to get water to those in need and promote hydration and giving.

Volunteer in Las Vegas and Beyond

From hand-writing thank you notes to helping out at special events, making phone calls, help with social media, artist and general promotion of hydration getting the word out about The Giving Water and getting water out into the communities. We are also looking to expand our Advisory Board for community collaboration on hydration.

Time counts make it easy to sign up for the latest volunteer opportunities.

Give Donation

Please make a donation and provide others with hydration

Become Volunteer

We NEED YOU! Please contact us to volunteer. We especially need volunteer every 2nd week of the month

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Fundraise FOR US

Help us hydrate America by giving back to us so we can give more