How It Works

All you have to do is drink water by chugging any size bottle or glass of water, shout out yourself and Challenge someone else than make a Donation to provide water for those in need through The Giving Water.

Participating in the Chug Challenge can help support The Giving Water’s mission to provide hydration for all Americans and inspire others to adopt healthy hydration habits.

The Giving Water works to bring about hydration peace and banish economic and racial hydration discrimination. Hydrate America strives to make sure people can give more freely and to uplift the thirsty and the downtrodden. We enable all to give without sacrifice by abolishing the giving standards of the world today and establishing a new and improved way for everyone to give.

Take the Giving Water “Chug Challenge” for Charity to Hydrate America! Create a 55-second video of you chugging any size bottle of water, shout out The Giving Water and donate $10.00. Then, “follow, like and tag” someone else to do the same. Post your video on and tag @TheGivingWater (make sure you follow for the tag to work). Continuing this giving cycle, you help support The Giving Water, a sustainable nonprofit.

Others Have Been in the Game

Chug Challenge for Corporations

There are several benefits for corporations and employees to take The Giving Water’s Chug Challenge.

First and foremost, participating in the challenge allows corporations and employees to support a worthy cause and contribute to the effort to provide clean, drinkable water to those in need. By taking the challenge, corporations and employees can positively impact the community and help ensure that everyone has access to safe, hydrating water.

In addition to the opportunity to make a difference, participating in the Chug Challenge can also help to increase employee morale and team building. By working together to support a good cause, corporations and employees can strengthen their bonds and build a sense of camaraderie within the workplace.

Finally, participating in the Chug Challenge can also provide an opportunity for corporations and employees to raise awareness about The Giving Water and its mission. By sharing photos and videos of the challenge on social media and challenging others to take the challenge, corporations and employees can help to spread the message about the importance of hydration and the need for clean, drinkable water.