The public now has access to “The Giving Water’s” Free Bottled Water

 The Giving Water welds philanthropy and commerce together creating a sustainable cycle of water and giving within the community.  The Giving Water is striving to support other charities and nonprofits adding to the resources within the area.

The Giving Water also services other nonprofits in the Las Vegas area by providing them bottled water for their hydration needs. We also organize fundraising events or provide The Giving Water at existing fundraising events. All we ask is that the giving continues, and The Giving Water receives a donation from the proceeds to continue our future efforts… Fundraising has never been so simple, so virtuous and so effective. Giving becomes possible through a single bottle of The Giving Water bottled water.

The giving cycle begins with Corporate Sponsorship. Company logos are proudly displayed on The Giving Water labeled bottled water. The water is then given to charities and nonprofits and placed at other distribution centers throughout the Las Vegas area. With 10-20% of each truckload of The Giving Water going to those in need and the remaining 90-80% is distributed throughout the community.


The public is now able to receive free water or give a donation for their bottle water needs with the processes going to their favorite charities. The stats of bottled water has changed you are now defined as a GIVER with The Giving Water bottled water or you can just remain a consumer?


Thank you for your interest in The Giving Water and our mission to provide water to disaster and to those in need while allowing people to give within their budget.

There are a number of ways you can make a difference!

Become a Project Volunteer

We have many projects and special events going on and are looking for partners to volunteer and collaborate with we need special talents and personal skills of all kinds. Depending on the level of contribution depending on the level of feeling fulfilled and productive. Pleases fill out a contact form and share your talents with us and we will contact you immediately. Currently, we are looking for help with our Giveback programs, social media promotions, cold call fundraising, copywriting and proofing, event planning, Adversary Board members.

Become a Partner in Fundraising

The Giving Water works in collaboration with all brands and organizations to put together our events. Having strong, engaged partners is a key element in raising funds to provide for others. Depending on the level of contribution, your organization will benefit from corporate visibility through the event.

Participate in Fundraising

When you attend an event, you will not only have the also be supporting The Giving Water’s mission and your ability to give and enable others to give and receive. Please check our ALL EVENT calendar for upcoming events. If you cannot attend an event you can still make a DONATION and support our mission.

Become a Donor

Your donation ensures that water will be produced for disaster and those in need while allowing the people to give within their budgets. Donations are retained in an escrow account until enough money is raised to produce a truckload of water. DONATE NOW.

Purchase a Gift from The Giving Water Swag Store

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