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The Giving Water increases your reach while engaging and making an every lasting impression that touches the spirit, mind, and body. We partner with all brands and organizations to provide water for disaster and those in need while allowing the people to give within their budget. This is done by proudly displaying your brand on a label of The Giving Water that gives back to the community on your behalf, create campaigns, experiences, and provide hydration. All these things are mutually beneficial and have a ripple effect on the community that has never seen before. This is the perfect opportunity to add a philanthropic vision that supports the community that has been supporting you. The Giving Water has created a win-Win-WIN opportunity!

  • Receive Advertising, Marketing while increasing your Corporate Social Responsibility and brand awareness for a charitable donation
    Be on a product that everyone requires daily if not hourly “Water”
    Multiply the numbers of action-based impression while extending your reach by 10’s of thousands
  • Increase brand loyalty by allowing your customers to give within their budgets
  • Extend your target market shelf life of engagement
  • Your brand is now in your direct markets hands, cars, and ones day-to-day life activities
  • Build your brand for penny’s on the dollar with over 45 thousand impressions
  • Expand your demographics while maintaining relativity
  • Churches, charities, and schools get free water for their needs
  • Creating new funds and fundraising opportunities
  • Consumers are now aware of the businesses that are ethical, socially responsible to their community
  • The entire community is happily hydrated
  • Consumers are now seen as Givers through The Giving Water
  • Changing the status of bottled water by giving and receiving
  • Provide the cure for dehydration and make hydration available to all
    Leverage your time – let us do all the work and you take all the credit

The Giving Water makes it easy to expand and connect with your audience while actually make an impact in their lives and others that will not be forgotten.