The Giving Water



The Giving Water is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization that was founded in 2017, by Dawn Weir out of the need to give within her budget. After Dawn was divorced she was left with almost nothing. Her son Robert Weir wanted to go on a mission for his church that same year. So she came found a solution to the problem. The Giving Water a new way to give within your budget. The Giving Water allows you to give were you thought there was no more to give.

Finding a solution to giving without burden or sacrifice was the only way to make this work. She had to find something that would not discriminate, was needed in a disaster or time of crisis, it had to be a luxury item that was available to everyone and in their budgets, it had to be in the hands and sight of people constantly, showing support and enabling the community people to give within their budgets, and had to lift up all consumers, businesses and, charities. It is a rising tide and float all boats, and be a necessity of life… “WATER”.  Dawn believes water is a necessity of life as is giving. These two things should be connected, freely available, joyful and provide for others without sacrifice and be within everyone’s budgets and now it does through The Giving Water. Dawn has opened the floodgates to giving freely within your budget.

How does it work?

It’s a very simple formula. The Giving Water is a publicly funded nonprofit in Las Vegas with a simple, ingenious idea: help businesses stretch their advertising budgets as far and wide as possible while at the same time providing a much needed resource to the community.

Company’s sponsorships are proudly displayed on a label of the Giving Water. When the water is ready (which is incredibly fast!), The Giving Water gives to those in need and also donates the vast majority of bottles to The Giving Water to fund raise to make more water. They are also placed in one of our many distributions centers or attached to another charity event so the public can make a donation for their water need. Giving is within everyone’s budgets now.  The Giving Water also provides schools and youth groups with amazing fundraising programs to fill their coffers and keep the community healthy, assists other non-profit organizations who support homeless teens and families in crisis, and responds to disasters immediately with large amounts of safe, bottled water sponsored by those right here in our own community. Businesses win, Charities wins, The Giving Water wins, and most of all, YOU WIN by giving within your budget and hydrating.



When you donate you are a part of the solution to the problem.

The Giving Water is dedicated to providing free bottled water like it is coming out of the tap. From the sponsors to the charities and events focused on your donations to hydrate your heart and provide for others on your hydration. Every individual can now charge lives through the purchase of 1 single bottle of The Giving Water. It is time to make an impact and this is how it is done.