Donations to The Giving Water directly fund the bottling, storage, and distribution of clean water to those who are immediately in need.

The Giving Water starts with your support of hydration either through a donation or corporate sponsorship, grant funding, gifting and challenging you to chug for charity.

The giving cycle continues with Corporate Sponsorship. Corporate Sponsors are proudly displayed on The Giving Water labeled bottled water. 10%-20% or more depending on the demand will go to a disaster or those in need. The rest of the water is then given out to nonprofits, charitable events, and placed at other distribution centers throughout the Las Vegas area or relative areas.

We invest the money we raise back into making more bottled water to give away. Our team works closely to ensure that every dollar is accounted for and then provides reports back to our donors. Learn about our approach, the solutions we fund and our partners on the ground.

The Giving Water Approach



We need your help getting our message out to the public. Repost on all social media, send messages to your friend and family, partake in all our events, and most of all hydrate daily and contagious to provide hydration to others in need.

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Disasters and those in Need Locations

We deliver water to point locations that have been hit by a disaster or are in immediate need of water. There may be a need for geography and assessments of need. We also consider the potential for building strong relationships with local communities. We see lots of possibility of overlapping when working with other organizations as we give to all organizations freely. Additionally, a community’s willingness to participate is important since strong programs require buy-in and participation to sustain the flow of The Giving Water through the community and beyond.

Distribution Centers

Our distribution center is strategically set up to meet the water hydration needs of the community, the target market needs of our corporate sponsors, providing for the charities and most of all to provide every opportunity to give within their budgets.  Our Distribution Centers consist of varies locations such as coffee shops, stores, centers, nursing homes, dispensaries, gyms, medical and health centers, clubs, and more please contact us for a complete list.

Finding the Right Water Partners

We have many water production partners across the USA, this way we will be able to cover disasters throughout the nation when and where needed. We always look to partner with local companies within the targeted community when appropriate for an area.

Selecting a Partner

We select partners based on how well they support our mission to provide sustainable, safe drinking water to disasters and those in need. We help with their water needs and find indicators of sustainability and capabilities to keep the Giving Water flow going throughout the community. In order to ensure that funds are used responsibly, we also look at their operational capacity and fiduciary responsibility. Every new or potential partner is subject to this vetting process.

Establishing Best Practices

There are many ways to deliver water. We work with experts in the communities to know which approaches are most effective so we can continue to ensure that our programs utilize best practices in the field while hydration everyone.

Following Timelines

It can take weeks to produce bottled water and transportation. Our teams spend months establishing community buy-in, promoting the placement of the water and building water partners that have the same vision to distribute water to those in need and throughout the community.  The entire process can take up to about 4-6 weeks for production and delivery and up to 30 days for distribution.

Our goal in the first quarter of 2020 is to produce1 truckload of water over 36,000 bottles of water.

In 2021 our goal is to produce  1 truckload of bottled water per week.