This “Giving Revolution” puts you front and center in the hands, homes, offices, and more importantly; this method promotes and ads to your brand and company within the community as a credible, respected giver while allowing the community to support itself and its charities. It’s a win, Win, WIN.

We continually are building our infrastructure and bridges between the community’s needs and resources to engage leading companies and give them a platform that is like no other in this process. The Giving Water is the newest, biggest, and the only leader that has blended together Philanthropy and Commerce into the perfect hydrating recovery machine to rebuild any situation for any business, charity, and all individuals personally.

1) The Community

It is time to join in the “Giving Revolution” by accepting FREE bottled water from The Giving Water so the whole community can ride the wave of giving without sacrifice or burden.

The Giving Water vows to quench your thirst for hydration and giving. To uplift those who are thirsty and the downtrodden, to deliberate those imprisoned by poverty, enable all to give without sacrifice by abolishing the giving standards of the world today and idealize a new way to give through The Giving Water that strive to enable people to give more within their budgets so that all may experience a greater abundance and joy. Uplifting humanity, bring peace to the world and banish discrimination economically and racially bring about equality and equal action.

2) Our Sponsors

Our Corporate Sponsors cast a wider net accepting new idea’s that move us all into the future together as one reaching the public while giving back to the community. Now your advertising marking, community social responsibility (CSR) are all combined into one product and for a tax free contribution.  The Giving Water does all of this for pennies on the dollar, so you have more to put back into a company that gives back to the community it serves.


Our Sponsors understand that challenging the progress is only proceeded by change . They choose to reject the popular thinking that the same methods embrace new achievements, knowing that The Giving Water idea propels community giving to the forefront for the future. A giving good change is always better. They enjoy being part of new creative innovative things that bring solutions. They are proud to encourage the acceptance of shared thinking. Our Sponsors are proud to support the community that supports them.

 In 2021 and beyond all our corporate sponsors are smart businesses that know the importance of time and efforts when it comes to placement then position them for a win. They get it with all 3 done in one place through 1 vessel that gives back to business, charities and individuals alike. In businesses leveraging your time is so important and as they say time is money so let us do all the work and you take all the credit within the community. This is how you experience the true joy of generosity without sacrifice. Corporate giving that finally goes beyond the agenda of suppliers, retailers, and customer. The Giving Water is Define a new way that saves time money and gets your brand seen in the community.

3) Charities

All nonprofit organizations can benefit from us as well. The giving water has many options to make, the water and funds flow through and to your charity organization.

Let Us Talk About Getting Your Charity Sponsorship

Your company logo/label is placed on The Giving Water’s bottled water. Then the wave begins with distribution to your selected event for a joint promotion. The Giving Water’s “FREE Water Fundraising” enables the community to receive the benefits of the water with your brand on the label it’s a win-Win-WIN. Our sponsors are known for enabling the community to give, and without sacrifice or burden to their favorite charity. Giving is now possible through the purchase of 1 bottle of The Giving Water. This is the REAL supply chain of the future… win-Win-WIN!