Becoming a Sponsor in this “Giving Revolution”to Hydrate America is a great and noble honor putting you front and center in the hands, homes, and hearts of the community you serve. It’s a win, Win, WIN

The Benefits

  • A total of 36,000 bottles of bottled water bearing your logo are distributed. Ten to twenty percent of the bottles are distributed to those in need, and eighty to ninety percent are distributed to the more affluent communities so the flow continues.
  • As a tax deductible organization, all your advertising, marketing, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities are done by donating to hydrate the community on your behalf.
  • Throughout the community the perception your company on a daily basis as smart, proactive, generous, essenial and defintly indispensable to the community.
  • We are proud to have sponsors whose commitment goes above and beyond that of our suppliers, retailers, and customers.
  • Creating and casting a wider net by giving back to your community by providing them with privitate branded water for a tax-deductible donation.
  • In doing so, you are now seen on every hand and within every home showing support and hydration to your community and America as a whole.
  • You are now doing more than ever before with less effort.
  • Your band has now become as essential as water.