Dawn Weir

Meet the Founder

Dawn Weir

The Giving Water is the culmination of all my skills and years of experience. Not only is it the boldest and most ambitious give I have ever created. it is also the most important and fulfilling. My hope is that The Giving Water leaves people hydrated and giving freely for future generations. The GivingWater is excited to open the floodgates to giving without sacrifice or burden throughout the community.

Since coming to Las Vegas, I initiated and coordinated a number of local community events and do to their success, I have built a reputation as a community leader and activist. So, it would seem I’m naturally predisposed to envisioning big-picture projects. The Giving Water is the biggest most complete manifestation of all my dreams for a community that thrives as in hydration, provides for all and allows all to give without sacrifice and within their budgets. Changing the status of bottled water and infusing it with the flavor of giving.

Team Information

 Age number: 57
 Phone: 7028082305
 Email: Dawn@TheGivingWater.org